Author – Ranjan Sahu

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Language – American English

Category – Contemporary, Fiction, Action, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, and Sensual Love


An assassins group was engaged in killing top-level International Personalities from different background and professions across the entire globe, challenging the Interpol, CIA, Mi6, ISI, MOSSAD, FBS or KGB.

It’s the biggest international threat for every country and their intelligence services. Everyone wanted to root out this deadly group. The Assassins were extremely dangerous, well trained and skilled — equipped with the latest technologies, equipments, and weapons.

In US, the responsibility to root out these highly trained assassins was given to their best FBI officer, Bob Alvin Martin — FBI, Executive Asst. Director, National Security Branch. Bob was already struggling in maintaining the law and order situation in Washington DC. But, Pentagon knew, it’s only Bob who could do this. Bob realized that he needed a highly trained and efficient team to combat such killing attempts of the assassins.

Bob chose Rose Wilson to lead this team. Rose Wilson, a twenty-seven years old, Special Agent–in–charge posted at Virginia, known as “Wilson–the brutal” in FBI off–record. She took part in more than twenty- four rescue and combat operations in her career, killed more than 100 criminals, no arrest, and 100% success record.

Rose had undergone various departmental enquiries for these killings, but came out clean every time. Extreme disciplined, working at her will and wish, and never give up attitude — made her different from other officers. In fact, she’s the killing machine of FBI.

The novel “Assassins” is all about the story of Rose Wilson’s preparations, investigations, rescue, and combat operations with the assassins. It’s all about, how she fell in love with a high class businessman — Robert Watson, whose life was at stake. It’s all about, if she could save the life of her love from the assassins and if she could expose and kill the master mind of the assassins group.

The novel ‘Assassins’ is a complete package, full of action, suspense, thriller, romance, and sensual love.

Chapter One

Oct 10, 2012 - 11 AM,
FBI HQ, Washington D.C
Forty–three years old, 6 feet tall, medium thick short-cut black curly close-to-the-head afro hair style, great strong features carrying some extra pounds, and black wonky eyes. It’s Bob Alvin Martin – FBI, Executive Asst. Director, National Security Branch.

“What the hell going up here? Can anybody tell me?” Bob yelled at the special agents and officers – standing in front of him – throwing the files.

“What happened sir?” asked Sam – A thirty-four years old, an ethnic black, Technical Communication Expert, working as Technical Head, FBI.

“I can’t even keep my hand on desk,” Bob said, trying for a space on the table to rest his arms. “C’mon look at these files! I don’t understand what the fuck you guys are doing?”

Everybody was silent, gloomy look on face, and pretending to understand Bob’s position.

Bob pushed the files off the table. “These are all bloody FBI’s most wanted unsolved case files,” he said. “And, you guys are real jerks! Good for nothing! FBI treated me as the best it had. But, I’m ashamed now. And, it happened only because of you bloody non-performing asshole officers.”

Again, nobody replied; everyone was silent, looking down to the floor and trying escaping the eye contact from Bob.

Bob rubbed his forehead and looked at the faces of the standing special agents. “I’ve never expected the fuck crimes all-time high.”

Still nobody replied. It’s a cool day outside, beautiful and sun lighted. But, Bob was sweating as if he’s sitting in a pre-heated 45 degree oven.

“Am I talking to the walls?” Bob yelled again.

“We…we’re trying…” few officers tried to explain.

“Please shut your fucking mouths,” Bob said. “I know, what the hell you guys are doing.”

Bob noticed his phone was ringing. “Anyway, I want results, no fuck explanations and no shit excuses,” Bob said and picked up the ringing phone by hitting the green button.

“It’s an emergency Bob,” said Kevin – Deputy Secretary of Defense. “We’re having a problem here. Our Secretary of Defense is under attack with his team.”


“Yeah, the SecDef with his team is at National Art Gallery for a defense-painting exhibition. Few men entered and open fired,” he said in a shivering voice. “I want you to take over the situation.”

“Oh My God! How’s he now?” Bob said, wiping up the dripping sweat with his hanky from his forehead and face.

“His security team is trying to keep him safe,” Kevin replied, clearing his throat.
Bob heaved a sigh. “Okay, let me handle the situation,” Bob said. “I’ll call you for more information.”
“It’s okay Bob, Thank you.”

Bob rushed out of his cabin putting down the phone. Officers followed him out.
“Everybody! Please pay attention,” Bob said. “It’s an emergency.”
Everybody stopped working. The officers gathered and stood in front of Bob, paying full attention.
“I want all units to be alert,” Bob said. “Our SecDef is under attack with his team at National art gallery. So, everybody please follow my instructions.”
This information made everybody dead silent. Officers looked at Bob expecting further instruction. It’s not new for Bob. He had a vast experience combating such situation. But, here it’s the involvement of SecDef and his life threat. It’s a great challenge for the entire FBI team.

“Boys! I know it’s a challenge for us,” Bob said. “And, we’ve to prove ourselves. We’ll rescue our SecDef and his people at any cost.”

“Yes sir,” replied everyone.

Bob re-collected all his strength and confidence to overcome the situation. He pulled out his shirt’s cuffs, buttoned his coat, and stood straight expanding his big chest, and gazed towards everybody to build confidence in them.

“It’s time for actions boys!” Bob said. “First of all, I want all the SWAT units and Special Agents at National Art Gallery A–S–A–P.”
“Yes sir,” officers replied unanimously.
“Sam! I want choppers to keep eye on the spot.”
“Yes sir.”

“And, I need all the information on the attack, find it out,” Bob said. “Is that clear?”
“Yes sir,” replied Sam and his operators’ team.

“Now everybody get back to work. C’mon move...move!” Bob said with few claps. “Sam! Connect me to pentagon first. I want to talk Deputy SecDef. And, try to connect the SecDef; I want him on a secured line.”

Bob moved towards the Crisis room with Sam and his team to access the lines.
Sam tried for a while. “Sir, Pentagon is connected,” he said and handed over the headset to Bob.
Bob spoke with Kevin, collected the details of schedule, staffs, security information of SecDef.
‘Oh shit!. Are you sure?” Bob said, frowning.
“Yeah hundred percent,” said Kevin.
“This is not good. Absolutely not,” Bob said, running his fingers through his hair. “Okay, let me do my best.”
“No, that’ll not be enough!” Kevin said. “We have to rescue SecDef alive. We’ve got the do or die situation here.”
“Yeah, I understand, okay, we’ll rescue him safely.” Bob said with an assuring voice and inhaled a deep breath.
It’s a tough situation for Bob. He had to make this operation successful. Everything was depending upon him. He took out a cigar, started smoking it continuously.
“What’s the matter, sir?” Sam asked. “You look very upset.”
“Sam! We got a big problem here. Kevin just ensured it as Z-Group’s attack.”
“Oh no!” Sam said, putting down the head phone. “You mean Z-Group assassins?”
“Yeah, Z-Group’s assassins are there at National Art gallery,” Bob said. “And, the real problem is that, our SecDef and his staffs were there with just eight security personnel.”
“Oh shit!” Sam said. “What’s now, sir?”
“I don’t know. But, we’ve to rescue SecDef.”
“Sir, the secured line is connected to SecDef’s personal secretary at National Art Gallery,” The Operator said. “You can talk to him now.”
“That’s great!” Bob said, crushing the cigar butt.

He rushed to the Operator and took the headphone. “Hey! It’s Bob from FBI. How’s Mr. Secretary?” he asked without knowing who’s there at the other end of the phone and his heart was pounding heavily.

“Oh! Thank God, Somebody from FBI,” a female voice drawled. “We need help. Please talk to the security person,” she said and handed over the phone to the security man.

“Sir, this is Officer Benny, SecDef’s Security-in-charge.”
“Benny! I want to know the status of SecDef.”
“We’re taking Mr. Secretary to the top floor.”

Bob could feel the stressed voice of the officer. “How’s he?” he asked. “He’s secured, sir. I repeat SecDef is secured.”
Bob covered the mic with his hand. “Oh God!” he said and heaved a sigh.
After removing hand from the mic, “That’s good! That’s really good!” Bob said. “Okay! What about the other’s staff?”
“Sir, our two security personnel engaged in escorting the six staffs to the southern part of the building,” he said. “And, another four are at the ground floor, engaged to defend the attacked.”
“Okay, that’s good. Officer, I need your attention. Now listen carefully.”
“Okay, sir.”
“First set your radio frequency to X to continue our communication, got that?”
“Roger that, sir.”
“Good, now kill all the cell phones, keep on moving and stand by.”
“Roger that, sir.”
Bob removed the headset. “Where is special agent Jack? Can anybody connect him?” Bob Shouted.
“Jack is online, Sir,” Sam said by connecting the phone.
“Jack! Where the hell are you?”
“Shut your fuck damn mouth and listen,” Bob said. “I want you at National Art Gallery now, you’ve got five minutes, got that?”
“Loud and clear, sir.”
“Sam! Get me the satellite visuals.”
“One minute, sir.”
“Sir, here is the visual on screen no - 1.” Sam said, pointing his finger to screen one.

“Zoom in the location.”
The operator zoomed in the location.
“Good, now take me to entrance area.”
Bob noticed the SWAT team’s presence at the gate and he felt bit confident in his body language.
“I want a communication VAN at the National Art Gallery A-S-A-P.”
“Sir, the comm.van is on its way,” Sam replied.
“Special agent Jack online, sir,” Operator said.
“Jack, what’s your position?”
“I am at the entrance gate of National Art Gallery.”
“Good, I want no civilian within the 300 meters radius, evacuate.”
“Roger that sir.”

Jack evacuated the entire place around National Art Gallery with the help of police force.
Bob had spoken up the security personnel of SecDef to find out their positions.
“Jack, three SWAT teams ready to for the action,” Bob said. “I want you to lead.”
“Copy that, sir.”
“Get me the floor plan of National Art Gallery building ASAP,” Bob said looking at Sam.
“Yes sir,” Sam responded and started his technical activities to access the floor plan of National Art Gallery.
“Can you access the surveillance cameras of the building?” Bob asked.
“Let me try it, sir.” Sam said and instructed another two technical operators for the same.
“Sir, floor plan is at screen no –2.” Operator said.
Bob meticulously scanned the floor plan. “Jack, are you ready for the action?”
“Yes sir.” Jack replied.
“Jack, we’ve got three entrances. First one is the main entrance – right now you’re standing in front of which. Second, at the southern part of the building and the third one is at the northern part of the building.”

“Copy that.”
“I want three SWAT units to enter simultaneously. You got that?”

“Roger that, sir.”

Jack moved in action, instructed the three units, and entered the building.
“Jack, I want you to stay stand by behind with one more unit.”
“Copy that, sir.”
All three units had thrown smoke bombs and entered the building. The assassins started heavy firing at the entrance.
“Do we have the access to the surveillance cams?”
“Negative sir, it’s not working, we need someone to fix it and uplink it from the security room of the building.”
“Oh no! Okay let’s find out the security room.”
Bob searched the security room on the floor plan at screen no - 2.
“Yeah, got it,” he said. “Jack, now it’s your turn boy, move ahead.”
“Yes sir,” Jack entered the building leading the fourth unit from the main entrance.
“I am in, sir.”
“Good, go to first floor; find the security room on second-left. I want you to be there ASAP. Stay live and keep me informing.”
“Sir, we’re facing heavy firings. Four SWAT officers are down here,” Jack reported. “And, I’m expecting three or more assassins.”
“Be careful son,” Bob said and looked tensed.
“Jack, call one more unit inside to recover the casualties and make out them to the ambulance,” Bob instructed.
Jack called another unit – the fifth SWAT unit – inside the building for the action.
After struggling more than 15 minutes in between firings, Jack reached at the security room with his unit.
“Sir, I am at the security room,” Jack said. “The tech man is dead, sir.”

Bob was silent for a while, “Okay, now follow Sam’s instructions.”
Bob instructed Sam to guide Jack. Sam instructed the details to fix and upload the source of surveillance. Jack followed and succeeded it in making live.
“Sir, you can watch the surveillance cams’ input on screen no - 2,” the operator said.
“Is it a secured feed?” Bob asked.
“Yes sir,” the operator said.
Bob put his hands on his waist. “Yeah, that’s a work!” Bob said. “Jack, now move towards the SecDef to secure him.”
“Okay sir,” Jack replied and kept on moving towards the lift.
“Jack, we’ve got three lifts in the building.”
“Copy that, sir.”
“Secure all,” Bob said. “I want no assassin to use the lifts.”
“Roger that, sir.”
Jack secured the lifts of the building by instructing the units and entered inside the main lift to go top floor.
“This is a ten floors building with three lifts and three numbers of entrance…” Bob said and kept on briefing the building’s floor plan to Jack. At the same time he was searching for the assassins everywhere by using the secured surveillance feed on the screen.

No doubts, the assassins were well trained and skillful. Bob found many cameras shot and broken. So, it couldn’t be able to access all the visuals. Bob was not sure of assassins’ numbers in the building.

“Jack, I want the eyes of the SWAT units for the visual, make it live for me.”
Jack instructed the SWAT units to turn on their cams and coordinated with Sam to make the visual live.
“SWAT unit’s cam visuals are live on screen no.- 3, sir,” Sam said.
Bob could have the visuals of the floor–plan on screen one, surveillance camera’s visuals on screen number two, and unit’s cameras visuals on screen three. It’s an achievement. Bob was bit satisfied and confident.
Jack made his way to tenth floor’s corridor and kept on moving towards the Sec Def to secure. The other units were approaching towards the tenth floor through staircase fighting with the assassins.

From the visual sources, Bob confirmed three numbers of the assassins. They wore black suit, red tie, face covered with mask, and bullet–proof vest.